Any person from any nationality can join Associazione Mendelssohn writing a letter to:

Associazione Mendelssohn c/o Studio Scoz
via Abamonti 1
20129 Milano, Italia

Memberships annual rates:

Socio ordinario: 50 Euros

Socio felix: 200 Euros

Socio sostenitore: from 1000 Euros

Socio mecenate: from 3000 Euros

All members of Associazione Mendelssohn get special advantages:

- 2 complimentary CDs with Mendelssohn music;

- discount of 50% on the CD's, DVDs and books co-produced by Associazione Mendelssohn;

- Free entrance to all events coproduced by Associazione Mendelssohn (concerts, conferences, exibitions)

- Reduced tickets for selected concerts in Italy with Mendelssohn music.