Concorso Internazionale di Composizione

Associazione Mendelssohn organizes the International Composition Prize “Michele Novaro”, conceived by Hon. Lorenzo Becattini, with the support of Italgas. 

Michele Novaro (1818-1885) was the composer who, at the age of 29, wrote the music for the Italian National Anthem on a text by Mameli. The competition aims to stimulate composers to create “works” able to reflect on Italian identity and culture. The project will include three editions, based in the three cities which were capital cities of Italy: Turin (2016), Florence (2017), Rome (2018).

The Competition is open to composers of all nationalities, who on 30 September 2016 are still under the age of 30. Candidates should submit to the jury a composition for Ensemble (from 7 to 15 players), lasting between 7 and 10 minutes, which is inspired by the values and themes of the Italian constitution. In particular, composers should focus on the theme of the “Italian landscape”, which lies at the basis of article 9 of the Constitution.

The competition rules and further details are available on the official site

i-Mendelssohn application for tablets, iPhones and Android phones

Associazione Mendelssohn conceived and produced an application for iPhone and Android mobile phones and tablets, called “i-Mendelssohn”; It has been realized in 2012 by Ubyweb & Multimedia in three languages: English, Italian and German, in co-production with Mendelssohn Stiftung Leipzig. It includes some biographical notices, the updated list of works, a comprehensive bibliography and discography, some pictures of Mendelssohn and his family, some mp3 audio files of Mendelssohn's most famous music and a quiz game about Mendelssohn's life and music.

Published Scores

- Felix Mendelssohn: 4 Early Piano Sonatas (1820) (RAITRADE RTC 2596)

- Mendelssohn: 6 Fugues (1821-1826) (RAITRADE 3175)

- Mendelssohn: Fantasia for 4 hands piano (1824) (RAITRADE 3176)

Video productions and documentaries

Mendelssohn Unknown - A film by Angelo Bozzolini

This up-to-date documentary about Felix Mendelssohn is based on the original letters of the composer and his sister Fanny, combined with numerous evocative period images. Through a blend of music and words, the most distinguished Mendelssohn specialists of today guide viewers through the composer’s fascinating life and career. The various themes covered include his training, his religious and cultural identity, his journey to Italy, his rediscovery of Bach, his years in Leipzig, the relative neglect of his music following his death, his readmission to the canon of Germany’s greatest Romantic composers, and the recent unearthing of many unpublished works. Produced by Angelo Bozzolini, Luigi Melecchi and Roberto Prosseda, Directed by Angelo Bozzolini.

"Mendelssohn at Teatro Olimpico"

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy:
Venetian Boat Song op. 19 n. 6 and op. 30 n. 6
Sonata for violin and piano in D minor MWV Q 18 (reconstructed by Alessandro Solbiati)
Variations brillantes for cello and piano MWV Q 21 (reconstructed by Gabrio Taglietti)
Sonig Tchakerian, violin
Steven Isserlis, cello
Roberto Prosseda, piano

Recorded live at Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, Italy, 11 June 2009, for Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico. Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri 

"Prosseda plays Mendelssohn"

Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy:
6 Lieder ohne Worte
Variations Sérieuses op. 54
Fantasia op. 28
Roberto Prosseda, piano
Recorded live in Lodi, Teatro alla Vigne, May 29, 2015. Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri 

"Pedal Piano recital"
DVD Continuo CR 108

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
6 Etuden für den Pedalflügel op. 56

Robert Schumann (1810-1856)
4 Skizzen für den Pedalflügel op. 58

Alexandre-Pierre-François Boëly (1785-1858)
Fantaisie et Fugue op. 18 n. 6

Gounod (1785-1858)
Marche Funèbre pour une marionnette (pedal piano version by Giuseppe Lupis)

Charles Valentin Alkan (1813-1894)
Benedictus op. 54
Etudes pour les pieds seulement n. 1, 4, 5
Grands Preludes op. 64 n. 3, 4

Roberto Prosseda, pedal piano
For the first time on DVD, a recital entirely devoted to the pedal piano, the special instrument for which several important composers of the nineteenth century, including Robert Schumann, Charles Gounod and Charles-Valentin Alkan, wrote pages of great value.

Recorded live at Teatro Olimpico, Vicenza, Italy, 4 June 2012, for Settimane Musicali al Teatro Olimpico. Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri 

The Chigi Recital
DVD Continuo CR 106

Fryderyk Chopin (1810–1849)
24 Preludi, op. 28

Claude Debussy (1862–1918)
Clair de lune (dalla “Suite bergamasque”)

Maurice Ravel (1875–1937)
Gaspard de la nuit

Alessandra Ammara, piano
Recorded at Palazzo Chigi, Ariccia (Rome), Sala da pranzo d'estate.
Directed by Pietro Tagliaferri. 

Conferences and lectures

- May 4, 2009, Roma, Università La Sapienza, department of Storia della Musica. Lecture by Roberto Prosseda “I manoscritti di Mendelssohn: filologia e interpretazione”.

- July 2 and 3, 2009, Ninfa (Italy), Festival Pontino. Symposium on "Restauro in Musica", focussed on the reconstrution of Mendelssohn fragments. With Claudio Strinati, Quirino Principe, Mario Bortolotto, Raoul Meloncelli, Pietro Zappalà, Alessandro Solbiati, Gilberto Bosco, Gabrio Taglietti, Enrico Fubini.

Further activities

- Assigning a new Felix Mendelssohn street in Rome (via Felix Mendelssohn), near via Schubert and via Mozart. 

- Putting a memorial inscription at the house where Mendelssohn stayed in Rome in 1830, in Piazza di Spagna, 5.

Live concerts co-productions

- June 3, 2009, Milano, Teatro dal Verme, Serate Musicali. Mendelssohn recital.

- June 11, 2009, Vicenza, Teatro Olimpico. Mendelssohn Chamber Music Concert, including the World Premiere of Variations in A major (1830) for cello and piano.

- June 16, 2009, Lecce, Teatro Paisiello, Miami Piano Festival, Mendelssohn recital.

- June 28, 2009, Portici, MozartBox, Concerto with Young Janacek Philharmonie conducted by Jan Latham Koenig (Mendelssohn).

- July 2, 2009, Roma, Accademia Filarmonica Romana. Incidental Music for A Midsummer Nights' Dream for femail chorus, solos and piano four hands.

- July 4, 2009, Sermoneta, Castello Caetani, Festival Pontino. Piano Recital with Mendelssohn fragments reconstructed by contemporary composers.

- July 12, 2009, Abbazia di Fossanova, Festival Pontino. Concert with Steven Isserlis, Sonig Tchakerian and Roberto Prosseda (Mendelssohn's chamber music).

- December 6, 2009, Roma, Quirinale. Concert with Viotti Chamber Orchestra. (Mendelssohn String Symphonies and concerto for violin, piano and strings).

- December 18, 2009, Milan, Conservatorio. Screening of the documentary “Mendelssohn Unknown”. Introduction by di Quirino Principe.

- March 12, 2010, Milano, Teatro dal Verme, recital “Leipzig 1840”, Roberto Prosseda, piano

- September 6, 2010, Leipzig, Gewandhaus, Piano Recital with Roberto Prosseda (Mendelssohn-Schumann)

- June 14, 2014, Berlin, Jewish Museum. Mendelssohn Recital with Roberto Prosseda (including the World Premiere of Luca Lombardi's “Mendelssohn im Jüdisches Museum Berlin”).

- October 20, 2014, Madrid, Istituto Italiano di Cultura. Mendelssohn Piano Quartets (broadcast by Radio National Española).

- October 24, 2014, Warsaw, Mendelssohn Piano Quartets.

- February 13, 2015, Munich, Gasteig, Carl-Orff-Saal. Piano Recital with Roberto Prosseda.

- March 1, 2015, Venezia, Gran Teatro La Fenice. Mendelssohn Piano Recital with Roberto Prosseda

- April 18, 2015 Ancona, Teatro Sperimentale. Concert with Mendelssohn Piano Quartets.

- April 19, 2015, L'Aquila, Auditorium. Concert with Mendelssohn Piano Quartets.

- July 10, 2015, Venezia, Teatro La Fenice. Concert with Orchestra d'Archi Italiana, Gilles Apap (violin) and Roberto Prosseda (piano). Mendelssohn, Concerto for violin, piano and strings.

CD co-productions

Mendelssohn: Complete Works for piano four hands and for two pianos
Decca 4812221 (2015)
Sonata in D major for two pianos, MWV S 1
Klavierstuck [Sonata movement] in G minor for two pianos, MWV S 2
Fantasie in D minor for piano four hands, MWV T 1
Duetto [Allegro brillante] in A major for piano four hands op. 92, MWV T 4
Andante con Variazioni in B fl at major for piano four hands op. 83a, MWV U 159
Incidental music for A Midsummer Night’s Dream op. 61, MWV M 13

Alessandra Ammara and Roberto Prosseda, piano


Da Capo al Fine
Decca 481 1010 (3 CDs, 2014)
Roberto Prosseda completes his 10-years project of recording all Mendelssohn Piano Works. This 3-Cd Album, released in April 2014, includes all the Variations, Preludes and Fugues, Etudes, Klavierstücke not yet recorded in Prosseda's previous CDs. The Album contains 29 World Premieres, including 4 Rejected Variations sérieuses.

Variations sérieuses op. 54,  Variations op. 82, Variations op. 83,  6 Preludes and Fugues op. 35, Prelude and Fugue in E minor

7 Charakterstücke op. 7, 6 Kinderstücke op. 72, Andante e Presto agitato in B major/minor, 2 Klavierstücke (Musical Sketches), 3 Preludes op. 104a, 3 Etudes op. 104b, Etude in F minor MWV U 125, Albumblatt in E minor op. 117, Perpetuum mobile in C major op. 119

6 Klaviertstucke, [Variations] in D, Walzer in D, [Suite] in G major/minor, Canone a 2 in B minor, Klavierstuck in E minor, Largo in D minor, Bärentanz in F, Klavierstuck in F minor, Allegro [Etude] in A minor, Largo e Allegro di molto in C, Klavierstuck [Walzer] in G / D, Andante in E, Prestissimo in F minor , Vivace in C minor, Thema und Coda in A, Andante maestoso in F, Con moto in A, Allegretto in A minor, Canon in F sharp minor, Sostenuto in F, Klavierstuck in E minor, Andante con moto in E minor, Auf fröhliches Wiedersehn, Andante in E flat, Andante in F, Klavierstuck in A minor , Wie die Zeit lauft! in G minor

Roberto Prosseda, piano


Mendelssohn: Piano Quartets op. 1 and op. 3.
Decca 4811214 (2014)
Piano Quartet op. 1 in C minor
Piano Quartet op. 3 in B minor
Largo e Allegro in D minor, MWV O 1 (1820)

Gabriele Pieranunzi, violin
Francesco Fiore, viola
Shana Downes, cello
Roberto Prosseda, piano


Mendelssohn: Early Chamber Works
Decca 476 5190 (2013)
Piano Quartet op. 2 in F minor
Piano Quartet in D minor
Trio for violin, viola and piano in C minor

Gabriele Pieranunzi, violin
Francesco Fiore, viola
Gabriele Geminiani, cello
Roberto Prosseda, piano

Piano con Fuoco
Decca 476 5118 (2012)
This 2-CD album includes all the Piano Sonatas, Fantasia, Capriccios composed by Mendelssohn, excluding the recent discoveries already recorded by Roberto Prosseda in his prevoius Decca CD's.

CD 1: Fantasia op. 28, Sonata op. 6, Sonata op. 106, Sonata op. 105, Sonata movement in B flat minor (1823)
CD 2: Rondo Capriccioso op. 14, Fantasia op. 15, 3 Fantaisies ou Caprices op. 16, 3 Capricci op. 33, Scherzo in B minor, Capriccio op. 5, Capriccio in F sharp minor (1837), Capriccio op. 118.

Roberto Prosseda, piano


Lieder ohne Worte
Decca 476 6796 (2 Cds, 2009)
This 2-Cd set includes all the 56 Lieder ohne Worte (First Complete Recording), 4 Fugues
and the Allegro con Fuoco 
(a Sonata movement in G major reconstructed by Gabrio Taglietti)

CD 1:
Lieder ohne Worte op. 19, op. 30, op. 38, op. 53, op. 62
Lied in D major MWV U 178 (1843) (World Premiere Recording)

CD 2:
Lieder ohne Worte op. 67, op. 85, op. 102
Lieder ohne Worte without opus number:
Lied in E Flat Major - Espressivo & Allegro
Lied in A Major - Andante
Kleines Lied in A Major - Allegretto
Lied in F sharp minor - Allegro molto (World Premiere Recording)
Gondellied in A Major - Allegretto non troppo
Ein Lied ohne Worte in F major
Reiter-Lied in G minor - Allegro Vivace

Fuga in D minor (1821)  (World Premiere Recording)
Fuga in B minor (1822)  (World Premiere Recording)
Fuga in D minor (1822)  (World Premiere Recording)
Fuga in G minor (1824)  (World Premiere Recording)

Allegro con Fuoco in G major (ca. 1840-42), reconstructed by Gabrio Taglietti (2006) (World Premiere Recording)

Roberto Prosseda, piano