CD co-productions

- Completing the recording project of Mendelssohn's Chamber Works for piano and strings. The first two CDs, "Early Chamber Works" and "Piano Quartets op. 1 and op. 3" (Decca) have been released in 2013 and 2014.

- CD recording of Mendelssohn's Piano Concertos, including the Concertos for two pianos.


Publising projects

- Italian translation of some of the most authoritative Mendelssohn essays, in collaboration with Mendelssohn-Stiftung Leipzig.

- Italian translation of Mendelssohn diaries.


Concert productions

- Co-produzction of public performances of Mendelssohn's sacred works and early stage works never presented in Italy.

- Co-production of monographical chamber concerts focussed on Felix Mendelssohn in Italy and other European countries.

Website and online database

- Implementation of the website, with further information on Mendelssohn's biography and works.

- Preparation of a new online database dedicated to Mendelssohn's works, permanently up-to-date.

Other celebrative events

- Assigning a new Felix Mendelssohn street in Rome (via Felix Mendelssohn), near via Schubert and via Mozart.

- Putting a memorial inscription at the house where Mendelssohn stayed in Rome in 1830, in Piazza di Spagna, 5.

- Exibitions of Mendelssohn's manuscripts and paintings.