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Da Capo al Fine

Decca 481 1010 (3 CDs, 2014)

CD 1 | VARIATIONS, PRELUDES AND FUGUES Variations sérieuses op. 54, Variations op. 82, Variations op. 83, 6 Preludes and Fugues op. 35, Prelude and Fugue in E minor

CD 2 | KLAVIERSTÜCKE AND ETUDES 7 Charakterstücke op. 7, 6 Kinderstücke op. 72, Andante e Presto agitato in B major/minor, 2 Klavierstücke (Musical Sketches), 3 Preludes op. 104a, 3 Etudes op. 104b, Etude in F minor MWV U 125, Albumblatt in E minor op. 117, Perpetuum mobile in C major op. 119

CD 3 | EARLY AND UNPUBLISHED WORKS 6 Klaviertstucke, [Variations] in D, Walzer in D, [Suite] in G major/minor, Canone a 2 in B minor, Klavierstuck in E minor, Largo in D minor, Bärentanz in F, Klavierstuck in F minor, Allegro [Etude] in A minor, Largo e Allegro di molto in C, Klavierstuck [Walzer] in G / D, Andante in E, Prestissimo in F minor , Vivace in C minor, Thema und Coda in A, Andante maestoso in F, Con moto in A, Allegretto in A minor, Canon in F sharp minor, Sostenuto in F, Klavierstuck in E minor, Andante con moto in E minor, Auf fröhliches Wiedersehn, Andante in E flat, Andante in F, Klavierstuck in A minor , Wie die Zeit lauft! in G minor

Roberto Prosseda, piano


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